The media and public frenzy around the COVID vaccine has subsided. Headlines like ”Good to kick the unvaccinated out of healthcare” were published by Aftonbladet in September 2021, for example. Such headlines no longer dominate the news. However, criticism of the vaccine continues in alternative media.

Now, cardiologist Peter McCullough explains that the risk of stroke soars with a COVID infection after vaccination, something he has also written an article about.

This is because, according to him, the vaccine doesn’t work, and both the shot and the virus contain the toxic spike protein.

”People who took the vaccine and still got COVID because the vaccine doesn’t work, within four weeks of the shot, their rate of stroke shot up,” says Peter McCullough. ”And I can tell you that the strokes that occur, as we see in these cases, debilitate many people. They become permanently paralyzed. End up in rehabilitation centers. Unfortunately, some later die.”

”This is a disaster. Taking a vaccine that doesn’t work and then suffering a stroke because the patient is supercharged with spike protein from the vaccine and gets more spike protein from the infection. Blood clots. They develop bleeding and blood clots in the brain.”

”It’s a complete catastrophe.”

According to McCullough, the vaccine never worked, not even from the beginning.

”The companies took so many shortcuts, and there were so many violations of how clinical trials should be conducted that, in the end, the vaccines never worked.”

They were also released on the market before being adequately tested, he says.

”They were never inspected,” Peter McCullough continues. ”Many have been calling for them to be taken off the market over time. I said in the U.S. Senate in December 2022 that they should be removed from the market. No one disagreed with me.”

Watch the entire program here.

”Complete disaster” – Peter McCullough on the effect of the COVID shot


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