According to Dr. Peter McCullough, it is the lipid nanoparticles in the COVID vaccine, unlike the virus, that make it particularly dangerous. Along with it comes the toxic spike protein from the coronavirus, which the vaccine prompts the body to produce. And it can go anywhere.

”We have never had a vaccine loaded with lipid nanoparticles that go everywhere in the body. This is key. It means it easily enters the brain, spinal cord, reproductive organs, adrenal glands. This is bad news. You don’t want a vaccine to go into the brain. But we know that lipid nanoparticles go there. They certainly go to the heart”, says Peter McCullough in the interview, referring to an autopsy study.

”It clearly shows spike protein in the heart. Autopsy studies from Germany and Austria show spike protein in the brain after vaccination.”

And it was known that lipid nanoparticles enter these organs, claims McCullough.

The doctor refers to another study.

”Lipid nanoparticles themselves suppress the immune system. Perhaps one mechanism is that it becomes hereditary in offspring, in animals. This is alarming. People who take the vaccines are not themselves. And young people who may have children in the future can pass on some of this weakened immunity to their offspring. That’s what this study suggests. It’s really bad news.”

That the so-called mRNA vaccine is ”encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles” can be read in the European Medicines Agency’s EMA’s own documents.

”mRNA is a large molecule that cannot enter the cell on its own. Lipid nanoparticles help the mRNA molecule to be taken up by cells and escape degradation,” explains a researcher on the Karolinska Institute’s website/Medical Science in January 2021.

Dr. Peter McCullough: Really Bad News – Weakened Immunity Can Be Inherited


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