J.Knaebel lever officiellt som en ”ickemedborgare” i Indien då de anser att han har rätten till det. Polisen vill inte arrestera honom. Läs mer här eller på http://freeofstate.org där J.Knaebel delar med sig sin icke-vålds ideologi och sina idéer om lösningar på dagens situation.

”Må alla vara fria, så att vi kan vara lugna, harmoniska och lyckliga”
– Jeff Knaebel


To the people of this Earth, my fellow human beings, my brothers and sisters, and with special devotion and respect for the Grandmothers and Elders of indigenous community who have been striving for so long — against terrible odds — to keep alive the web of life for coming generations. May they not fail in this great trial which faces all of us.

To honor the works and words of Mohandas Gandhi, Black Elk, Chief Joseph and Tecumseh.

May we not fail to see — and return to — the path pointed by them. Civilizations that get off the Path of Respect do not last, because when a people get off the path, they also remove themselves from the circle of life.

The United States government does not own me. I am not a citizen of the United States.

On my own authority — for no other authority compels a human being born free in God — I have declared that I am not a citizen in the government property inventory of any State.

My declaration is sufficient unto itself. I have declared myself not a citizen — therefore I am not a citizen. The government can persecute me, jail me, torture me, but it cannot make me its citizen. The human spirit cannot be branded, tracked, reported upon, incarcerated.

I am not a citizen of India. I am not under the rules of any State. I renounce all of them.

I am under only God’s rule for human beings, and that rule is not the rule of the Corporate Warfare State.

I am the son of Nature. I have no name. Mother have I none, nor father — I am the son of my own karma. I am not under the rules of this man made system. I need no identification documents: I am standing before you.

I came to India to live on my savings in order to avoid participation in the destruction of life on earth. But now my permission-to-exist government identification documents are expiring, and I am supposed to come begging to some parasitic rent seeking bureaucrat for permission to move, and hence to live. I shall not stoop before a parasitic bribe-eating bureaucracy to beg for my permission to exist in the form of government identification documents.

I am not government property, and I am not a criminal. I am a peace-loving human being who is finished with being a slave to the Corporate Warfare State.

Mahatma Gandhi is the symbol for all of mankind of resistance to immoral, corrupt and violent government. I place my action as flowers at his feet, in homage to the great soul of India.

The United States government is history’s biggest organized crime syndicate, expert at ecocide and the mass production of corpses using the world’s most advanced technology of death — expert at genocide of the popular mind through the manipulation of perception and the manufacturing of consent on the basis of lies.

I hold as self evident my right to secede from, renounce, and withdraw support — coerced or otherwise — from any association of criminals. I consider the United States government to be the most dangerous assemblage of war criminals which has ever been faced by humanity.

I tremble for the future of a species which with its all powerful technology is systematically destroying the delicate, subtle, sentient web of life upon which its own existence depends.
Life is inconceivably precious. Those who would destroy life should realize that once destroyed, it can never be recovered.

The human race has never in all of its history been in greater danger than right now. An advancing enemy of scorched earth destruction threatens the entire planet. If by its actions an organism degrades its environment, it commits suicide. Every man is called to arise in defense of the single global village in which all of us live.

The past 10,000 years of human action under hierarchical Power Structures has destroyed billions of years of ecological evolution and brought the physical basis of life on earth to the brink of extinction.

The mind that loves life and nature wishes only to harmonize with it, expand his consciousness into it, learn its laws, and live by them. Only by living within the Law of Love can one be free. The more vigorous our individuality, the more its penetration into the Universal.

What hope have those who have loved and toiled and worshipped and thought deeply and sown their fields with meekness and have not yet become organized into a political Power Structure?

Their only hope is that they may outlive the cannibalistic self destruction of the “civilization” which has systematically corrupted its moral core and laid waste to its own soil and sons in great world wars.

Thus I act out of a longing in the heart for an authentic relationship with a way of being that loves and supports the Art of Living, and not the science of killing which is the hallmark of the Corporate Warfare State.

Imbibing the arbitrary concepts of an ideology and blindly following the rules of the Money Power deadens the mind, locks out the spirit, and makes stone of the heart. Let us open our minds to life beyond civilization.

Industrialization has turned the Garden of humanity into a living hell. It is very difficult to bear witness — and responsibility — for the depths of this grinding poverty, destruction, disease, and deprivation. One Indian child dies of ma