Jeff Knaebel lever officiellt som en ”ickemedborgare” i Indien då de anser att han har rätten till det. Polisen vill inte arrestera honom. Läs mer här på där J.Knaebel delar med sig sin icke-vålds ideologi och sina idéer om lösningar på dagens situation.

”Må alla vara fria, så att vi kan vara lugna, harmoniska och lyckliga”
– Jeff Knaebel


To the people of this Earth, my fellow human beings, my brothers and sisters, and with special devotion and respect for the Grandmothers and Elders of indigenous community who have been striving for so long — against terrible odds — to keep alive the web of life for coming generations. May they not fail in this great trial which faces all of us.

To honor the works and words of Mohandas Gandhi, Black Elk, Chief Joseph and Tecumseh.

May we not fail to see — and return to — the path pointed by them. Civilizations that get off the Path of Respect do not last, because when a people get off the path, they also remove themselves from the circle of life.

The United States government does not own me. I am not a citizen of the United States.

On my own authority — for no other authority compels a human being born free in God — I have declared that I am not a citizen in the government property inventory of any State.

My declaration is sufficient unto itself. I have declared myself not a citizen — therefore I am not a citizen. The government can persecute me, jail me, torture me, but it cannot make me its citizen. The human spirit cannot be branded, tracked, reported upon, incarcerated.

I am not a citizen of India. I am not under the rules of any State. I renounce all of them.

I am under only God’s rule for human beings, and that rule is not the rule of the Corporate Warfare State.

I am the son of Nature. I have no name. Mother have I none, nor father — I am the son of my own karma. I am not under the rules of this man made system. I need no identification documents: I am standing before you.

I came to India to live on my savings in order to avoid participation in the destruction of life on earth. But now my permission-to-exist government identification documents are expiring, and I am supposed to come begging to some parasitic rent seeking bureaucrat for permission to move, and hence to live. I shall not stoop before a parasitic bribe-eating bureaucracy to beg for my permission to exist in the form of government identification documents.

I am not government property, and I am not a criminal. I am a peace-loving human being who is finished with being a slave to the Corporate Warfare State.

Mahatma Gandhi is the symbol for all of mankind of resistance to immoral, corrupt and violent government. I place my action as flowers at his feet, in homage to the great soul of India.

The United States government is history’s biggest organized crime syndicate, expert at ecocide and the mass production of corpses using the world’s most advanced technology of death — expert at genocide of the popular mind through the manipulation of perception and the manufacturing of consent on the basis of lies.

I hold as self evident my right to secede from, renounce, and withdraw support — coerced or otherwise — from any association of criminals. I consider the United States government to be the most dangerous assemblage of war criminals which has ever been faced by humanity.

I tremble for the future of a species which with its all powerful technology is systematically destroying the delicate, subtle, sentient web of life upon which its own existence depends.
Life is inconceivably precious. Those who would destroy life should realize that once destroyed, it can never be recovered.

The human race has never in all of its history been in greater danger than right now. An advancing enemy of scorched earth destruction threatens the entire planet. If by its actions an organism degrades its environment, it commits suicide. Every man is called to arise in defense of the single global village in which all of us live.

The past 10,000 years of human action under hierarchical Power Structures has destroyed billions of years of ecological evolution and brought the physical basis of life on earth to the brink of extinction.

The mind that loves life and nature wishes only to harmonize with it, expand his consciousness into it, learn its laws, and live by them. Only by living within the Law of Love can one be free. The more vigorous our individuality, the more its penetration into the Universal.

What hope have those who have loved and toiled and worshipped and thought deeply and sown their fields with meekness and have not yet become organized into a political Power Structure?

Their only hope is that they may outlive the cannibalistic self destruction of the “civilization” which has systematically corrupted its moral core and laid waste to its own soil and sons in great world wars.

Thus I act out of a longing in the heart for an authentic relationship with a way of being that loves and supports the Art of Living, and not the science of killing which is the hallmark of the Corporate Warfare State.

Imbibing the arbitrary concepts of an ideology and blindly following the rules of the Money Power deadens the mind, locks out the spirit, and makes stone of the heart. Let us open our minds to life beyond civilization.

Industrialization has turned the Garden of humanity into a living hell. It is very difficult to bear witness — and responsibility — for the depths of this grinding poverty, destruction, disease, and deprivation. One Indian child dies of malnutrition every 5 seconds, while in USA childhood obesity is a clinical problem. What kind of “civilization” is this? The “American Dream” is supported on the bent backs of mostly women of the third world, where their industrialists and politicians cozy up to the Money Power.

Civilization cannot sustain on a system of cannibalism which values money and property more than life. The truth of mankind can be realized only by love and justice. Only truth can open the door to the infinite for which the soul longs, and for which it seeks beauty as its temporary solace on the earthly sojourn. The State lives by lies. The Corporate Warfare State is the way to death and not to life.

Let us become aware of our disease so that we may come out of it. Let society act as Nature to create a new system — as biology organizes itself to adapt to change. We must evolve a new paradigm organically, based upon respect for life.

The great task of the individual — to study the problem of human existence in order that he may come out from wandering in the cycle of birth and death of samsara — is primary to human existence and must not be denied by the violence of institutional governments. This great task is carried out on the workbench of ethics, and one can never succeed if his government requires that he finance war through his payment of taxes.

If I do not now rise up against the mindless cannibalism into which the consciousness of man has descended, rife with corruption and endless war, I will be unworthy of the name, “human” — unworthy of the Cosmic Beingness from which “my” body has been projected — unworthy of a refined consciousness that would remain forever beyond my reach, and unworthy of the great wisdom teachings which have guided mankind for millennia.

I never made a conscious choice to be a citizen of the United States. It was imposed upon me as a helpless child when the government documented my birth with its certificate of inventory as government property.

No permission is required to renounce that which I never sought in the first place, and which is imposed upon me against my will.

I cannot be bound by the constitution — a contract of which I had no knowledge, nor ever subsequently executed. Nor can any other person represent me, because my conscience and will are inalienable to my being.

Those who may try to discourage me from this path of duty will be reacting to their own fear of being authentic human beings in right relation with the Divine. I cannot correct the disease. Only society can correct itself. My theory becomes practice by the act of severance and renunciation.

As a deer runs from the forest fire, I renounce the State to save my soul morally. My aim is to preserve the integrity of my moral conscience while also trying to sound a warning of the suicidal path upon which humanity is embarked.

With this action, I call from my heart to the people of the world: we must try to make an evolutionary leap to a consciousness of nonviolence, in order that we may survive as a species.

This is a call for total revolution and the thoughtful deconstruction of existing human institutions.

It is a call for a revolution from fear to love, from greed to generosity, from cruelty to compassion, from deceit to truth, from war to peace, from dependence to self reliance, from corporate enslavement to individual liberty.

It is a call to come out from our denial of what the Corporate Warfare State is doing in our names and with our earnings, and a call to recognition of our moral conscience — a social conscience that has been lobotomized by government controlled compulsory education and by the viciously subtle mental conditioning of the Corporate State propaganda machine.

What living biological species can long survive when all of its “success” rests on destruction of the web of life which supports its own existence?

Mine is a call to recognize that blind obedience to egomaniacal authority is a form of mental derangement that will prove finally to be suicidal if not corrected in time.

The United States government has no moral right to exist. It ought to be abolished without more human bloodshed.

I give to myself my own dignity.
I beg for it from none.
My life is not negotiable.
My dignity is not negotiable.
I hold that your dignity is not negotiable.
My freedom is my life.
My will is not to kill, and not to support killing.

I never met a man I wanted to kill.
I never met a man I did not wish to befriend.
I never wished for personal enemies.
Why should I accept the State’s label of a manufactured enemy?

You have nothing to fear from me, for I consider all men to be my brothers.
If the heart of Liberty beats in my breast, it beats in the breast of every man, for we are One.

If my mind is engaged with the love of life and all beings, it will not allow my body or its labor product — in the from of taxation — to be employed to kill.

The United States government must be abolished. By my deliberate act of rebellion and sedition I hope to make a small contribution toward the awakening and arising of humanity in facing its now great task of mere survival. A task which demands that the present system of world rule through structural corporate violence must be abandoned and allowed to die as a failed mutation of human social evolution.

All men are born free. None has the right to rule over another. Every sentient being on this Earth is an emanation of Original Creation, of God if you will. How can one kill another unless he be willing to murder the child of God? State-sponsored killing (200 million people in the century just past) is an act of suicide. It is the ultimate symptom of a diseased mind.


A thought experiment. Suppose I had been born into a family of slaves. By that accident of birth, have I assigned my right to life and my free will to the slave master? Is it not my right and duty to try to escape at first chance? Should I ask his permission to escape, and get my documents stamped?

Or suppose I had been born into a family whose profession was robbery and murder. By this birth have I committed myself to lifetime support of robbery and murder? Is there any moral or contractual obligation to remain with that family and suffer the consequences of a life of crime? Should I seek permission of the patriarch to make my escape?

If I own myself, then it follows that I must be responsible to my conscience. I cannot give myself away — it is impossible to cleave myself from my own inner being. Thus I am a free and moral sovereign in my own mind, or I am a slave in my own mind.

Due to the mental conditioning of my upbringing, my culture, and the government school system, it has taken me a long time to begin to free my mind. This is the great genocide-of-the-mind crime of the Corporate State Power Structure: seizing, conditioning and corrupting the minds of innocent children through enforced government schooling which is controlled by corporations.


There are two possibilities: (1) I am free to act on my own volition, by my own agency, as owner of myself, or (2) I am prevented from acting and you tell me what to do and force me to do it.

My core question became — do I wish my body and mind to be instruments of love, compassion and goodwill, or used as tools for others to employ in acts of violence? Will I allow the product of my labor to be expropriated for murder?

Institutions cannot love, for they have no heart. Nor can they be moral agents. They are merely abstract constructs. Only individuals can love. Individuals are the only and final source of moral agency power.

I owe the Statists no respect simply because they have lied, cheated, stolen and clawed their way into the halls of Power. How am I made more dignified, more honorable, more generous, more compassionate, more humane to bow down before a gang of criminals who call themselves a government?

The United States cannot grant self determination to anybody, because it is already with the people as birthright. Governments can only take away our God-given right of self determination by the criminal application of force.

Farmers dying
indigenous cultures trampled
replaced with malls of plastic rubbish
and the sound of lies
and the echoes of lies
And the lies say
go and kill and die.

As a searing laser flame
does mindless technology destroy
living beings
With hungry jaws of steel
and diamond cutter teeth
does it lay waste
to forest and glen,
meadow and brook.

By day and by night
does the United States rain death from the sky
upon wedding parties, and women, and children
and goats and kittens
and field mice
in the depraved corporate alchemy
of blood for money.

Farmers dying
children dying
rivers dying
the earth crying
in an agony of meaningless death
whose body count and pain
never report to the balance sheet
where the dollars accrue on the bottom line.

Earth dying
while the Money Power
beds its bimbos and secretaries
and keeps the nuclear button
by its side
that in the holocaust
it may not be the first
to die.

Heart it has none
of love it knows not
Its creed is hurt, kill, destroy
Culture, language, values, ethics
all of them it eats
and spits out
chips of waste
It is the Corporate State
It is Power
It is Cannibal.

Every being a ray
of the Great Ray
How can we tolerate this killing?
True civilization is made plain
by what it is not
It is not killing people.

O’ Thou Tree
of blossoming life
and beauty
may you live
and not die
and may all whom you shelter
know that I loved Thee.


With my physical body I place before humanity the question: are we ready to allow ourselves to live free and whole, or are we yet bound by the chains of voluntary servitude to the structural violence of the Nation State which is hurtling us toward premature extinction.

To the extent that the United States — or any State — abuses me, detains me, jails me, tortures me, suppresses me, oppresses me, the question will be answered in the negative. They may do with my body what they have the physical power to do. But they cannot chain my spirit.

I bid farewell
to the United States government
and the citizenship
it has imposed upon me
against my will.

I bid farewell
to shock and awe
death rained from the sky
and depleted uranium
and the next Hiroshima.

I bid farewell
to its hundreds of military bases
despoiling foreign lands
its lurking submarines and stealth bombers
raining death from the sky, hungry for the ultimate kill

I bid farewell
to its lies and atrocities
its torture and assassinations
its oppression of the poor
and its merchandizing of death.

Farewell I bid
to obscene financial corruption
by which the substance
of working people
transfers to the idle rich.

To all of this insane
psychotic depravity
and my former taxpayer complicity
I bid farewell.


I maintain that it will be only a society of free individuals acting among themselves in a voluntary manner — and self-governed in the absence of external authority — that will have any chance of reversing the scourge of ecological destruction that is laying waste the physical basis of human life on earth.

A fundamental precept of this self-governance must be full personal accountability and responsibility for every action that affects the human commons. We must come to understand that primary factors in the failure of the industrial civilization paradigm are the abstract legal constructs of sovereign immunity and limited liability. This arbitrarily manufactured immunity permits heinous crimes to be executed without fear of retribution.

I prefer treason against the arbitrarily imposed rule of an organized crime syndicate to treason against humanity. To suffer in silence the horrible crimes against humanity perpetrated by the United States would be to negate whatever is within me that might be called human.


Self Realization is the essence of the human experience toward which every man and woman is born with the right to aspire. Abstention from violence or support of violence is a prerequisite to Self Realization. No human being must be coerced into servitude to murder — be it “voluntary” through the mental conditioning of government schools — or by threat of force.

It is not possible for me to achieve Self Realization while burdened with the knowledge of guilt as a tax-paid material accomplice to murder, or the knowledge of my cowardice for failure to resist.

In deciding to undertake this action of sedition by calling for the dissolution of the United States government, I have been guided by five precepts of the Buddha for which any person of any faith has the right to guide his or her own life without interference by the State. Any failure of interpretation or execution is on me, and not the Buddha’s teachings.

Each of these precepts is taught to operate on three levels: to abstain from unwholesome action; not to support unwholesome action; not to approve unwholesome action. The prohibited actions include killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, and imbibing intoxicants.

The United States government coerces its ruled subjects into breach of all of these precepts, and thus violates their most basic human right of striving for Self Realization or Liberation.

By taxation imposed through threat of violence to liberty and property, it forces its subjects to become material accomplices to the killing, stealing, lying and rapine of the Corporate Warfare State.

Under color of the legal procedure of secret ballot voting, it induces its subjects into support with taxpayer money of the rampant sexual misconduct which is considered to be one of the perquisites of political office.

And likewise by virtue of the U.S. CIA being probably the biggest drug runner in human history, the subjects of USA are forced through taxation to support a crippling devolution of human consciousness, as well as all the murder, kidnapping, assassination, extortion and corruption that goes with the international drug trade.

By secret ballot voting for the offices of an all powerful government do we support and approve the actions of that government. There is no excuse for failure to know that only the Power Structure wins any election, and that the Power Structure is absolutely corrupt.

Because of its genocide of the mind through technically advanced methods of deception and mind control, the United States government occupies a unique position atop the pyramid of human evil. It is the apex of what Oppenheimer described so clearly as “the organization of the political means of livelihood.” And what is the political means of livelihood if not chicanery, thievery, rent seeking, and corrupt, lying parasitism?

The procedure of secret ballot voting means that nobody can be held accountable for actions of the government. There can be no contract of agency between parties unknown and unknowable to each other. Voting imposes one’s ideas and values secretly and irresponsibly upon others via the ballot box.

Who frames the question? Who nominates the candidates? Who will be the final money beneficiary? Who is the regulator who is himself not regulated? The Central Bankers and the Corporate Money Power only.

This leaves humanity in a situation pursuant to which it is subject to the rule of an inhuman machine which directs human affairs through institutionalized structural violence, and which has as its goal and reason for existence money profit only, devoid of all respect for life.

We are rendered doubly vulnerable by the artificial “legal” constructs of sovereign immunity and corporate limited liability which protect the wielders of power from the consequences of their actions. These men can execute the most heinous of crimes without fear of retribution — without fear, even, of being identified with the crime. The whole game is run by anonymity and lies.

The temptations of money, power, and sex to be enjoyed irresponsibly is too great for the most greedy, psychopathic and evil among us to resist, which means that men of this character are the ones most likely to be drawn to the halls of government power. History has demonstrated the kind of psychopathic personalities that are drawn to the Power Structure of the Machine. Our knowledge of who they are and the harm they deliver to humanity is not theoretical conjecture. A short list of their murderous roll includes Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Blair-Clinton-Johnson-Nixon-Suharto-Mao-Stalin-Hitler. Liars all, and mass murderers.

Is this system of rule by a revolving door of war-monger psychopaths an intelligent trusteeship of the lives of six billion people and the future of life on earth? A system pursuant to which egomaniacs have their finger on the nuclear holocaust button? A system in which perhaps as few as 60 powerful men control the geopolitical world and the destiny of mankind (see M.S. Rozeff).

A society capable of appointing these kinds of men as its leaders is sick, deranged, diseased — like a great forest that has been destroyed by blight.

No ordinary human village would tolerate the behavior of these men. They would become outcastes, as gangsters. Why should I allow the likes of these to control my movement, my livelihood, my life?

They have as cannibals eaten the substance of the people, destroyed the ecology of billions of years of ecological evolution, depleted the world’s soils, smashed down mountains, poisoned waterways and the air, and even left their garbage in outer space, soiling the wedding veils of God with man.

Who would want world power except an egomaniac? Who wants to be ruled by egomania? What freedom-loving person wants to be ruled by other than himself?

By what contract or agreement of agency did I give any President or any legislature the least authority over any part of my life?

The constitution is of no authority. There can be no valid binding agreement among men who never met even to discuss a document which itself was drafted by men long since dead. The dead cannot bind the living. Whatever agreements they made, whatever constitution they made, applied only to its drafters, and died with them. Thus the State which rules my life is invalid at inception. It rules not by agreement or consent. It rules by force only.

The government has perverted justice and public morality into such grotesque forms as to be unrecognizable to a rational person with a functioning conscience. The State is an abomination vile corrupt vicious malevolent and murderous. It has become the single greatest threat to human survival.

Through sophisticated propaganda techniques developed by modern psychologists who have hired their souls to the government, the Corporate State operates a mind game that plays on the inner emptiness of industrial man. According to the rules of the Corporate State, we must be willing to kill at its direction in order to fulfill its artificially created “needs.” Thus, in effect, we are lied into justification of murdering Iraqi and Afghan children in order to keep on filling up the tanks of our gas guzzling vehicles.

Using our fear of death and the symbolic power of religion as the gate to an immortality which we are impelled to defend at any cost, the State bends our minds to an endless war of ideologies. The “hired gun” psychologists of the State are in the role of the ancient priesthood who first corrupted their spiritual achievements for the sake of power, and promulgated the system of abstract symbolic thought which has now led to our demise. See the writings of John Zerzan and Derrick Jensen.

A list of 72 violations of my human rights perpetrated by the United States is presented in my book, “Experiments In Moral Sovereignty – Notes of an American Exile,” published by Prakrit Bharti Academy, Jaipur 302017, and distributed by The Other India Bookstore, Mapusa, Goa.

It is clear that — measured by the parameters of clinical psychology — the historical run of the mill of heads of State suffer from paranoid delusions, kleptomania, a pathological tendency to commit murder and acts of extreme violence and cruelty, an obsessive acting out of ruthless domination. The diagnosis announced by writers Eckhart Tolle and Gopi Krishna is clinical pathological insanity.

Eckhart Tolle, Gopi Krishna and Ven. Thich Naht Hahn represent the kinds of mind waves to which we should be turning for guidance how to live together on this crowded planet, and not the crazed genocidal Project For A New American Century. We need advice how to do no harm, and not how to kill and hurt. This planet has had quite enough of American Killing Fields.

What man in what position of pomp and circumstance can rightfully demand I violate my moral conscience, no matter how many millions may have cast their votes — shamefully and in secret for the perceived lesser evil — to put him there?

No decent human being aspires to life and death power over others. What then does my subservience to the Power structure machine say about me? Does it represent the highest and best of which I am capable?

Is this what I came on earth to do — hurt, kill, destroy, rape, burn and murder? Of course not. Then why would I vote for these men to act as executioners in my name?


Natural law — which for me is the Law of Love — can be discovered by human beings in earnest search of its principles. Law that is imposed through arbitrary rules of the powerful upon the rest of us cannot be said to be righteous or just. Theirs is the law of fear, from which we must release ourselves if we are to survive.

The existential fact of my action is only to recognize reality as it is — I am not the property of any other man, or any group of men, or any institution created by men.

By renouncing citizenship, I am only calling a lie for what it is. I never with adult mind and non-coerced awareness accepted any citizenship. Only through the mental conditioning of a government school system does any child come to the adult belief that he is subject to the capricious rule of a Power Structure within an arbitrarily bounded portion of this earth.

Watch children, how innocent and friendly is their play among all different colors, classes and ethnicities, until they are carefully and deliberately corrupted by Power to fear the other.

I love life too much to forced to participate in its murder.


As the truth of the desolate emptiness of competitive material “success” dawned in my awareness, my volition slowly rotated into the wish to love and to serve only. This became the source of joy in life.

The more I attempted to serve, the more I found that I was only putting bandages on wounds caused by the Corporate State. I found the Corporate Warfare State to be the vector of the root problems of human society: greed, hatred, delusion. And I learned that the State is controlled and operated by the most greedy, depraved and evil among us.

Thus, finally, the highest service, the highest love of which I was personally capable became to engage in resistance to — and renunciation from — this evil Power Structure created by those who believe that money and property are more valuable than human life.

My intent is not only individual, it is seditious with respect to the United States government. Sedition includes “everything whether by word, deed or writing which might disturb the tranquility of the State, and lead to its subversion.” Thus we are supposed to allow the State and its minions — who have names and addresses — to remain “tranquil” as they go about their grim business of mass murder.

My intent is to encourage and support by word and deed the subversion and utter abolishment of the United States government without bloodshed. My intent is to disturb the “tranquility” of the Power Structure which among the various Nation States of the 20th century murdered an estimated more than 200 million people.

This is what our cowardly “Statesmen” and “Deciders” have done to the rest of us while remaining undisturbed in the “tranquility” of their sovereign immunity and corporate limited liability.

What stupidity — that men can agree that a few of their most pathological members shall possess immunity from the moral consequences of their murderous acts. A man who suffers from such egomania that he would hold life and death power over others cannot help but be doubly tempted by the knowledge that he is secure from any retribution.

What assemblage of men could agree upon such a system except those who have been conditioned to be robot machine parts in an abstract corporate legal construct?

This cold calculated intellectual detached cerebral and destructive methodology of modern industrial man — originating with the European “revolution” in the science of reductionism, clockwork mechanical universe and duality — is the manifestation of a diseased consciousness that is anti life.

I look upon the State as a criminal institution to which I not only owe no allegiance, but in respect of which it is my human duty to work toward abolishment. The minions of State are nothing more than a criminal gang engaged in the common criminal enterprise of domination, exploitation, oppression, despoliation and cannibalistic rule over all people and property within the geographic area of their reach.

To the extent I feel no outrage, I am a dead man walking. When we lose our capacity of moral outrage, we live with moral outrage and call it “normal.” I have expressed my outrage by taking exile from the government of my enslavement and writing and speaking out against it in the public functions of foreign nations for a number of years.

This is the logic and compulsion of the Nation: never will it hear the voice of goodness and truth. It is a machine linked to a machine in a ghastly dance of moral corruption, trampling all the sweetness of the flowers of simple goodness as the living ideal of man.

The Nation strengthens only Power and not humanity. To the extent we fall for its false call of patriotism, we lose our own souls. The Nation is the greatest moral anesthetic ever invented. It argues that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima — after the Japanese had already submitted an appeal for surrender — was a “good thing.”


If I were resident of an unwholesome village — a corrupt and and crime-ridden place — I could leave and strike out on my own. But with the U.S. government ID tag on me and their world wide reach of income taxation, I cannot ever escape — except with their kind permission and tax clearance — so I remain a slave to their corporate tax and war regime.

We will all remain slaves to tax financed war until we create a decentralized society in which no ID is required, and expenses for the common welfare are met voluntarily. Only after the tax-by-coercion-theft system is abandoned will we become free men and women.

I defy your USA village — I refuse to live under your immoral rule. My only choice to declare my refusal and communicate it to my fellow men is to destroy the ID documents by which the government tracks and enslaves me.

To pay for a cruel war in my name that not only leaves the tragic dead, but also spreads depleted uranium that deforms the human genome for generations to come, because some depraved psychopath — put into office by Big Oil and Big Defense who own the office — tells me a pack of premeditated calculated lies for the ultimate benefit of his family shareholdings: is this conscionable? Is it rational? Is it sane?

The endless repetition by the United States of the destruction and poisoning of not only the living, but of lives to come, demonstrates a disrespect for life, for God and for Creation that is so absolute and total it stops the mind.

The addiction to cravings and passions that are inflamed by the cunning mind science of corporate media create a perpetual state of discontent and agitation, for which balm is sought by a full shopping cart of speed, comfort, excitement, mindless sex and gratuitous violence.

This corporate designer-mind that has been transmitted to several generations is killing the planet.

Can I be said to respect either Life or myself if I dissemble before the coercion to finance with my personal labor these terrible atrocities? Can I be said to be a courageous or righteous man to accept this without physical resistance acting through my body?

Is my body connected to mind and conscience, or is it an empty shell controlled by video programmers?

What is wisdom? Is wisdom not that which harms none? Then, if I should aspire to wisdom, do I allow my life to be controlled by an organized crime syndicate? And what is the United States government if not the biggest syndicate of organized crime ever imposed upon humanity?

What does one do when he awakens to the facts of the awful lies under which he has been living — the lies of the State and the States of the lie?

With what do I align my moral conscience? To the ease and comforts of life in the Corporate Warfare State to whom I am required to bequeath my own sons as hired killers? Am I a human being or a biological servo-mechanism whose “mind” is an electromagnetic print in a government hard drive?

If I love life — and consequently love the welfare of all beings — what then?


Along with destruction of our earth home comes desecration of our souls, often at a subtle level below conscious awareness. Yet deep within, we know that we are assaulting the Gift of Creation. We know that we are spitting in the face of God, whatever our conception of Divinity or Creation may be. The head may not be able to understand this, but the heart already knows.

By this violent and destructive way of living, we commit whole cultures, tribes, ethnicities and languages to oblivion. And by this do we also commit our souls to oblivion. I write against oblivion, and my plan of action is to give meaning to my words.

Buddha said, “Within everything, above or below, near or far, visible or invisible, thou shalt preserve a relation of unlimited love without any animosity, without any desire to kill.”

To participate in the cannibalism of the Corporate Warfare State is to miss our great chance. Freedom of consciousness is not an intellectual thing, nor entirely only emotional — it has an ethical basis that must be translated into action.

The present convergence of crises into the “Perfect Storm” demands an awareness that the issues we face have moved beyond religious, philosophical, or scientific debate, and into the realm of simple survival, just as Chief Seattle said in his famous speech about 150 years ago.

A species possessing an all-powerful technology with which it wages war upon itself and nature cannot long survive. In just the last few hundred years we have destroyed much of the achingly beautiful biological flowering of billions of years of evolution. Left unchecked by an upwelling of popular resistance, the Corporate Warfare State will push us into the zone of extinction.

At the end of the so-called intellectual “achievements” of our science and technology we face the guilty emptiness of having destroyed ourselves.

My words are meaningless except in the context of my life. Whatever I write has has meaning only within the frame of what I do or fail to do with my physical body — impelled as it is by will to act upon the instructions of conscience.

This is why I destroy my passport, for it represents the chain that binds me to a depraved system of insane structural violence. I will have done my job of renunciation. Let us see what the State does to avenge its position.

The whole struggle of the life finally comes to trying to realize the moral law by which one may live in harmony with himself, with others, with nature — the law by which human species may exercise sufficient balance and restraint as to continue the Divine Experiment of human evolution.

Let all my desires, all my struggles with good and evil, all my moral strivings and their failures ripen into fruits of love for all that live and have their being upon this earth.


In the big airports and fancy malls
they speak of money, and power dressing, and gaudy sex
and the latest gratuitous violence

By the river bank
or the village well,
barefoot and tattered,
they speak of love
and children and the good earth
and their bread labor.

As anyone who has dwelt in the land or in a village can see, the State bears no relation to an organic living society of human beings. It is an abstraction operating under color of law whose purpose is to provide the means for a powerful few to control the peaceful many.

How shall we live, we who wish not to abuse the earth, who wish not to abuse all creatures great and small, who wish not to abuse all things bright and beautiful? How shall we live in “civilization,” we who respect and revere life?

It is not hard to kill a poet. A concrete jungle without the trill of birdsong will birth a whole generation of stillborn poets. It is easy to kill poets and lovers and beauty. These fragile things cannot coexist with depleted uranium battle dust and clear-cut virgin forests.


The slavery of the Corporate State is more terrible than any predecessor, because the chains are unbreakable, having been formed in the mind itself by lies and conditioning since childhood. These chains are velvet, masquerading under the flag of freedom and imprinted buzz words like patriotism. They are layers of ignorance veiled in lies so that we come to act as automatons, divorced from our once-possible humanity.

Soon after my birth, the process of conditioning and enslaving my mind began — in order that I would become a mindless atomaton, competing in the corporate world to be a better machine part — a robotic consumer with no mind of my own, no original thinking, no true awareness of independent thought, thinking only what i had been taught by the system to think.

I thus became an adopted son of the Corporate Society — a pile of money to which one surrenders his moral conscience.

What we are calling civilization is actually cannibalism. It feeds upon the ecologies and cultures of less technological peoples and eats their whole future while systematically destroying the cultural moorings of their past.

The grinding jaws of corporate rule have devoured whole continents and histories — the voracity of its huge machines has turned vast tracts of earth into chips and rubble, while its plastic waste chokes the life from our oceans.

It will not be possible to survive a gigantic consumptive selfishness as the one universal religion of a globalized corporate world. The spiritual well of the human race is being poisoned. We cannot survive without that spiritual vision which inspires restraint and compassion.

Western industrial “civilization” has begotten a society organized as a corporate business based upon a paradigm of debt financed economic growth at a rate which must at least equal the rate of interest. This results in a compound rate of destruction of the ecological basis of life at least equal to the rate of interest. The whole thing is a debt-fueled engine of cannibalistic suicide.

Whereas, a real society is a living entity — an end in itself. It is the spontaneous chaotic expression of man as a social being. It is the natural and voluntary self regulation of human relationship devoted to mutual cooperation and not to ruthless competition.

A sane individual does not live to kill others, nor to lay waste to their substance. Large masses of people cannot be persuaded of the enmity of others without carefully crafted lies of the “Statesmen” who rule us.

When other people become merely symbolic abstractions, then the conditioned mind can act as the pilot of the joy stick of a computer game and feel no empathy. The moral man gives way to the commercial and the political man. In this way the United States has become the ultimate Merchant of Death. Its core skill is the underground trade in kidnapping, smuggling, murder, assassination, overthrow and treacherous crime bred in the deep slime of inner rot at the center of Power.

If Life be your beloved, then how are you toward your beloved? You do not kill. How can corporation and Corporate State care for Life when they have not love? They have no means of love. Their only motive and reason for existence is money profit, life be damned.

It has been estimated that fifty percent of the world’s scientists are engaged in the defense industry — the industry whose purpose is to design ever more efficient killing platforms. Only a border-less world, one without passports and government ID, can end the making of war machines capable of planetary incineration.

A highwayman is more honest that the Corporate State. He does not attempt through deceit and mutilated language to convince you that he is there for your security. He robs you and leaves you with at least your freedom and dignity to recover the loss. Whereas, by its sleight of hand and lies, the Corporate State robs you of both liberty and life.

What law that forces my conscripted labor into the service of greed, hatred, delusion, moral degradation and wanton waste? Why should I permit myself to be sweat at law for these debased purposes?

This law does not arise out of the genius of a civilized human society. This law is conceived in the womb of Central Banking, of Sovereign Immunity, of Corporations legally empowered as citizens while protected by limited liability and devoid of any inborn social responsibility.

This is not the law of living human beings. It is the law of a Power Structure which subsists upon the energy of human beings who have morphed into robotic corporate servo-mechanisms. I am writing against the approaching oblivion of humanity.

The Corporate State Machine — because of its intrinsic compulsions — can only be operated by thieves (taxation is theft), liars and murderers, for no decent human being aspires to life or death power over others while being protected from retribution by sovereign immunity. A decent person feels that personal accountability is one of the exhilarating challenges of life. He welcomes the accountability that helps keep him on the straight and narrow path.

There are only two emotions: love or fear. There are only two laws: of love and respect, or of violence. The institutionalized judicial system of the Corporate State is a pure Power Game based ultimately upon coercion and threat to life and liberty. Justice is not its object. Its object is imposition of the King’s Rule.


So I asked myself –

If you are not going to act on love,
then who will?
If you don’t actively love all beings,
how will they know love Is?

If you do not renounce
endless war
of the Corporate State
then who will?

The only way
to be impeccable with my word
is to deliver my treason
to the United States government.

By their abuse of me
they will prove my point
that the State cannot tolerate
free men.

Thus will they demonstrate
that freedom
and the State
are mutually exclusive.

I shall be
my own refuge
It is my life
Nobody can own me.


I have spent much of my elder years devoted to the practical cause of learning how to stay alive without harming others. It cannot be done within the social frame work of the Corporate State. Therefore I renounce the State and refuse to support it or abide by any of its laws which I find repugnant to conscience. My personal moral conscience is sourced higher than the law of the State — if for no other “reason” than it says thou shalt not kill.

It is impossible to reform a system that is built upon a foundation of lies and violence, one whose health and continuance depends upon endless war. This system must be altogether abolished. A good and nonviolent way is for all of mankind simply to abandon it as a bad plan and quit paying for it and let it die for lack of cash flow and human energy.

Find your tribe. Get on the land. Form peaceful community. Defend your land against corporate or government intruders with your life. There are more of us than them.


If I am interrogated, abused, detained or harassed as a nonviolent dissident, it will prove beyond doubt that the State is in fact an institution of outright oppression and slavery.

Should the United States government do these things, it will prove my thesis that millions of people must stand together against this malevolent government and overthrow it by the power of peaceful severance from its jurisdiction over our lives, and by the power of non-cooperation so effectively employed by Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela, among many others.

My stand is not irrational or crazy. It arises from my love of Life and all of its creatures to a depth that the State cannot tolerate, because I refuse to be an accomplice to the State’s murder.

What kind of man would I be, to participate with my labor in a system of endless war? What kind of man willingly pays his taxes into this death machine? Willingly allows himself to be stamped and tracked and controlled by paper trails in the hands of faceless bureaucrats who are at best parasites and at worst cannibals?

What is the message of my life? What does it mean to have received the gift of human life?
How do I say thanks? With a paid up tax bill to finance the next Hiroshima? Is that how to say thanks to the Spirit which animates my body?

Shall we live by love, that our species may survive, or shall we live in fear and suffer premature extinction? What is the value of a human life — this is the root question.

What if I see my fellow man as friend and brother? What if I then refuse to finance his murder? Where does that put me in the queue for government handouts?

The government propaganda makes claim to being a “representative democracy.” It thus lays claim to my moral conscience as having been assigned to a gang of criminals sitting in legislative halls.

Leaving aside the existential fact that my conscience cannot be alienated from my own being, how can I be bound by law that was made in secret session, based upon secret information and lies, by persons unknown and unknowable to me, without my consent or contract of agency, and in violation of my conscience, common sense, justice, and the ethics of all the great wisdom teachings?

No man can give away his own natural right of liberty, nor can he do so with any other man’s natural rights. Therefore, he can delegate no legislative power whatever — over himself or anybody else — to any man or any body of men (with thanks to Lysander Spooner).


It is my right to aspire and work toward the moral perfection of my soul. This is not possible for a corporate wage slave whose daily bread is taxed to finance murderous crimes against humanity. It is possible only as a member of a voluntary non-coercive association of free men.

No act that is not voluntary can be said to be moral. The right of Self Realization, Liberation, Moksha is paramount of all the rights of man. Thus my life is not about being a wage-and-tax slave to a Power Structure of systematic, planned and executed-for-profit mass killing.

My life is about seeking wisdom and righteousness that I may evolve in consciousness toward higher, finer, subtler realms of existence. Who knows how many lifetimes remain before I can clear the karmic debt of my failings — perhaps inestimable millions — but certainly I cannot advance on the Path of Liberation with the knowledge that I have blood on my hands with which I must face the unfathomable grief of the widows of American government shock and awe.

The Power Structure is designed to inflame passion, greed, hatred and delusion — to promote the mindless abandonment of conscience which fosters the wanton waste required to sustain corporate profitability.

We have been conditioned — very carefully conditioned in government schools — to think that the pursuit of happiness means a good salary in a growing economy. To keep us within the mental pen where our masters provide sufficient rations to sustain our robotic addictive consumer habits, we must not be allowed to reach the self-evident conclusion that endless economic growth demands ultimate ecological destruction.

To seize and corrupt the minds of human children is the greatest crime.

The Power Structure must never allow us to come to the realization that a Merchant of Death political economy could lead to our own premature demise.

Can we do no better than this? have we reached the end of imagination how to conduct our human relations and how to govern ourselves? Must we remain content to be the sheeple of a Corporate State whose business plan is to keep us alive — but barely — so that we can be periodically shorn?

“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”
~Stephen Biko quoted by Derrick Jensen.

This is why the United States government is so dangerous to humanity — because of its subtle yet all pervasive control of the mass mind. The State transforms reality into something relative to its own interests and functions. To quote a recent Presidential press secretary, “We create reality.”

Taking the Press Secretary at his word, based upon the self-evident results of its most recent atrocities — and the pending genetic horrors of its uranium weapons — the United States government IS a crime against humanity.

How does one come to peace with his hiring of murder?
How does one negotiate with pathological liars?
What is the value of human life — this is the real question we face.

I can but repudiate it, renounce it and work toward its abolishment. No self respecting person can permit himself to be forcibly used to serve the purposes of others. The forcible use of one person to serve the purpose of others is slavery.


“The individual has a soul, but as the State is a soulless machine, it can never be weaned from the violence to which it owes its very existence.” ~ Mohandas Gandhi

The State is beyond redemption. The State’s original design and its structure are based upon regularized theft from the populace. Its entire intellectual construct is violence — by definition, nature, and attributes.

The State had its origins long ago when nomadic raiding parties figured out that it was easier and less dangerous to set up a protection racket and take regular tribute in lieu of war party raids. This exchange — of tribute for security — became what Oppenheimer has coined as “the political means of livelihood.” The tribute has now morphed into the income tax, by which continuous theft is institutionalized under color of law.

People say that they fear anarchy — herein meaning no external authority to lord it over the populace — because it might become a chaotic warlordism. To which my answer is — freely admitting the easier said than done reality — either we grow up and trust ourselves, and self-govern responsibly, or we will be governed irresponsibly by threat of force from outside authority.

To achieve this benchmark of self-governance requires an evolutionary leap in consciousness. Eckhart Tolle has written that we either make this leap or go extinct as a species that failed to adapt to its environment.

Neither corporations nor States are agents of ethics and peace. They are tools of force, destruction, displacement, ecocide, death and war in the service of the Money Power which owns them, and which rules through them to control others.

In the history of mankind, what has been more destructive than the technological Corporate State? What if we permit it to destroy the physical basis of human life on earth?


Now is an attempt to offer an abbreviated summary and recapitulation.

What are the simplest elements with which we can work?

Each human being is a body-mind-energy complex with the same needs.

Each loves life, fears death, seeks pleasure over pain, and suffers from the same complexes of craving and aversion.

Each wishes to love and be loved.

Each has a native understanding that live and let live is a better way than kill or be killed.

Each quickly understands the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would be done by.

Each knows by early life experience that the means predicts and controls the end. The means is to end as seed is to tree.

The base of compassion is respect for life. We respect the lives of others because we know instinctively that it is in our own self interest. Experiential ethics deepens this understanding.

Each is born with inalienable rights of self ownership and moral agency. Inalienable means these rights cannot be abrogated even if the “owner” himself wished to abdicate. It is inborn by law of nature.

There is no such thing as a “society” in the sense of an identifiable discrete entity with boundaries and that can be “managed.” The terms “society,” “the people,” “the nation,” are mere abstract constructs. There is only the churning inchoate flux of individuals seeking their own subjective self interest in the grand human bazaar.

There are only two means of livelihood: the economic (means to work and earn), and the political (means to take from others by force or in the manner of a parasite).

Since only the individual can act as a moral agent, and is in fact the ultimate actor in society, the interests of society are served by the freedom of individuals, who know very well that the means predict and contain the ends, and therefore violence can never produce a wholesome result.

When some individuals acquire or seize power over others, they continue to act in their own expanded self interest, limited only by the tolerance of others for abuse of power.

Power corrupts absolutely and universally as shown by all known human history. Power is absolutely addictive. Political power always leads to murder.

The primal compulsion of the State is to gain absolute monopoly of all power.

In a technological age of almost unlimited destructive power (think Hiroshima multiplied by ten, or maybe even a thousand), political power rises to the capability to destroy the entire human species.

History shows that those who strived for and gained the pinnacles of power were deeply flawed psychopathic individuals who engaged in mass murder. A short non-prioritized list includes Genghis Khan, Attila, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Kaiser Wilhelm, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Truman, Mao, Johnson, Nixon, Suharto, Bush, Blair. Whether anecdotal or statistical evidence, the pattern cannot be denied.

It is a grand illusion that the State can provide even its most basic function of security. It has a long, continuous record of failure.

Bound within the Corporate State, man must live a life of untruth in order to sustain himself physically. The very ugliness of the Corporate State shows its discordance with Creation, for Creation is Beauty. The signpost of Truth is Beauty. The Corporate State crushes all beauty in its path. It has no inner grace because it has no love. When Power becomes the ideal over Beauty, mankind is finished.

Therefore, to protect and preserve the individual as the basic unit of society, it is necessary to decentralize, dilute, and diffuse power to the local level, and to eradicate the concepts of corporate limited liability and sovereign immunity. We must create a self government without any sovereign.


Pursuant to the application of reason, common sense, conscience, and the felt presence of Love, my first and highest duty is to do no harm. This means I must not support — directly or indirectly — any tax financed activity of the State, for taxation itself is a violent act of theft.

If the U.S. maintains that I require its permission to renounce what has been imposed against my will, then my point is clearly proven: the United States imposes slavery upon its citizens. I am either free to go without interference or impedance of any nature, or I am slave — there are no other possibilities.

You have nothing to fear from me, for I honor the brotherhood of man. Yet, even though you have nothing to fear from me, your law requires you to punish me.

Who is it — and on what authority — that can say a human being is illegal? Who can say that my existence is illegal? Was I not born by the operation of a law higher than man?


“The more prohibitions there are,
the poorer the people become.
The more sharp weapons there are,
the more prevailing chaos there is in the State.
The more skills of technique,
the more cunning things are produced.
The greater the number of statues,
the greater the number of thieves and brigands.”
~ Lao Tse (604-524 BC)

There is a better way. My hope is that we have not run out of imagination. For me, the way forward is the anarchy of Voluntaryism — which simply means the absence of an external authority over our lives, pursuant to which we govern ourselves in voluntary associations of free persons.

We need an Inner Revolution:

From fear to love, from greed to generosity
From selfishness to compassion, deceit to truth
From dependence to self reliance, war to peace
From enslavement to Liberty.

The first step toward this revolution is to wake up and come out of denial about what the Corporate State is doing to we the the governed, and to the planet upon which we dwell together. My ideas and those of better writers are presented at;;;

I suggest two ways to get the State off our backs. The first is slow and steady, and risks not being quick enough to save ourselves. Just quit the State one by one and form subsistence communities that refuse both the so-called “services” of the State and to pay its taxes.

The second is to adopt Mahatma Gandhi’s tactic of “fill the jails” and rise up in large groups of rebels who withdraw cooperation, refuse compliance with unjust law, and refuse taxes.

There can be no just law under a State, because the whole institution is funded by the primary theft of taxation, and implemented by force for the benefit of the Power Structure. When one goes before the State judicial system, he is being tried and judged by the fences who have been chosen by the State for distribution of its stolen goods.

If large masses of people simultaneously refuse to bow down before these brigands and murderers, the State must collapse. No violence is required — only complete non-cooperation.

Nature is seemingly chaotic and messy, but life had been sustained and evolving for billions of years until industrial civilization brought it to the brink of extinction. Let human society adopt the chaotic, messy, anarchic and successful methods of unorganized, non-centralized Nature.

Let our “social security” be the strength of our own minds combined with faith in the Law of Love whose precept is respect for all living beings.

I have taken my leave. I bid you farewell, who would remain in the bondage of voluntary servitude. May your shackles rest lightly upon you in the depths of your slumber.

I am gone from your village.

All my good wishes are with you, and my prayer for peace on earth and goodwill among men.

My prayer is to love and to serve. From my heart I seek to act in a good way, in a sacred way, for the benefit of many, in support of life, that the seventh generation of children may yet live and be happy.


The beauty that fills me with wonder
the silence that fills me with peace
with immense gratitude for this human life…

I end this message with a prayer that by my actions and words, at least some portion of humanity may be drawn toward awakening to the true character of the Power Structure which rules us and which is destroying the moral fabric of human society as it also destroys ruthlessly the physical basis of life on earth.

We must recover Respect — for life, and for each other. Civilizations that get off the Path of Respect do not last, because when a people get off the path, they also remove themselves from the circle of life.

The “why” of what I do is put completely to rest by the statement, “I love.” I love is the final answer to any question about my actions. What is the value of human life — this is the real question.

May all be free, so that we may be peaceful, be harmonious, be happy,

Jeff Knaebel

Jeff Knaebel lever som Freeman i Indien