An interesting interview by The Daily Caller with former intelligence analyst Stella Morabito, a specialist in propaganda and media analysis. She confirms the picture of how manipulation of Western countries, including Sweden, works but makes some clarifications worth noting.

The first rule for successful propaganda and manipulation is that people must not know that they are being manipulated. Something that has been achieved quite well, especially in Sweden. Thanks to the internet, this advantage is starting to slip from the hands of hidden powers.

Manipulation is done through ’political correctness’ and by creating what she calls a ’semantic fog.’ They encourage ambiguities and doubts to persist as a way to maintain control over consensus.

They consciously play on social acceptance and the fear of being excluded from the group, a deep-seated fear. Ignorance and lack of knowledge are another important aspect of successful propaganda.

Stella Morabito confirms the picture of a ruling elite that owns the media and is driven by a common agenda focused on consolidating power.

Source, Political correctness, a manipulative tool for the centralization of power


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