The oligarchs of globalism do not give up. They can’t keep their hands off anything in our lives and our food. Everything must be industrialized and operated on a mega scale so that they can gain total control and build their monopolies. The departure from natural food production has been going on for over a hundred years now. When it comes to vegetables, we see the result – products that often contain only 10% of the essential nutrients they contained in their original natural state. This has led to various deficiency diseases and a growing need for vitamin and mineral supplements. The rest of industrial food is based on ultra-cheap carbohydrates and refined seed oils that have never been human food during our evolution. This food is the cause of the metabolic pandemic that prematurely claims the lives of 40 million people every year.

Still, we as consumers can find somewhat nutritious food in the form of organic vegetables and grass-fed meat from animals raised on a regular farm and wild-caught fish, food that does not come from the globalists’ mega-industries.

This does not give the oligarchs a moment’s peace. People should not be able to have control over their food production, as the market is too big and too important not to be controlled by global monopoly companies. In the media they control, they spread false propaganda that we get cancer from red meat, that its production harms the climate, and that it is a waste of money to buy more expensive organic vegetables. They also falsely claim that there is not enough agricultural land. The only thing threatening agricultural land is the depletion of the world’s soils by industrial farming. The idea is that the false propaganda will prepare the market for the introduction of completely synthetic meat produced in large factories.

The most notorious of today’s globally active oligarchs, Bill Gates, not only wants to gain total control of society’s healthcare through vaccine monopolies but now also wants to control what we eat, including the introduction of synthetic meat. By developing a product that he patents, he, in the usual manner, establishes a monopoly. It is easy to foresee how Gates will then demand that politicians introduce bans on natural meat production, in a similar way to how he wants compulsory legislation for people to take his patented vaccines.

It is eerily fascinating to follow how Gates has taken the Rockefeller family’s methods of building monopolies to new heights. Tomorrow’s people are actually less threatened by being enslaved by political dictatorships than by global monopoly companies. Just as they have destroyed the health sector by having active cheap natural remedies banned to create a monopoly for patented synthetic chemicals, the aim now is to ban natural food to build a monopoly for industrially produced food like synthetic meat. They have already begun patenting seeds through the introduction of GMO crops.

This is an extremely frightening development because, for example, natural grass-fed meat will soon be almost the only available staple food that has a broad and natural nutritional content. No one should delude us into thinking that synthetic industrial meat comes anywhere close to it. Natural meat has a very complex composition that industrial synthetic meat will never come close to. So, if Bill Gates and his gang are allowed to continue trying to monopolize the food market, the metabolic pandemic that I have written a book about will deepen and make even more people sick.

There is only one way to health for humanity, and that is to return to a diet that harmonizes with what humans have lived on during our evolution.

Original text:, Warning about food from Bill Gates


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