This video follows the movement of World Trade Center Building 7’s northwest corner on September 11, 2001. For approximately 2.5 seconds, the building falls at free-fall acceleration. This means that the building fell through itself for over 30 meters without any resistance, which is impossible in a natural collapse. The period of free fall demonstrates that explosives must have been used to bring down the building. In August 2008, NIST denied that WTC7 fell at free fall. They changed their stance in November 2008, acknowledging free fall but denying what free fall implies.

The WTC7 series has raised several questions from people wondering about the details of my measurements compared to how NIST conducted theirs and how NIST representatives described their measurements. David Chandler has created a WTC7 Measurement FAQ page. He will also use this page as a reference for any other questions that may arise., WTC7 in free fall: No longer controversial


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